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Want flatter looking abs? If you tried everything else and still no results you might be missing a HUGE piece! 
The KEY muscle that most people over look in getting flatter looking abs is your transverse abdominis.

Regular ab exercises don't focus on this inner muscle, and many of us are not engaging it properly or at all. 

We have good news for YOU!

With the right type of training you can get those flat strong abs.  You need to avoid exercises that cause your abs to bulge out upon exertion which this will help prevent diastasis (anyone can get this, not just pregnant moms). 

Inside you will receive the exact 9 safe core workouts that Lori did after her first pregnancy to heal her ab separation (Lori filmed these workouts during her postpartum journey to strengthen her core properly post baby as you will see that in the videos) and did these same workouts after second pregnancy to prevent a large separation.

And Michelle does these core workouts, without ever being pregnant, because she knows the importance of these deep core muscles for a flatter looking tummy. 

You don't have to be a mom to benefit from these exercises as they are VITAL for every one to do as so many of us want to lose that lower belly pooch. 
What you get inside Just Core program
Online workout program where you create an username and password to access the course.
9 Real time safe core workout videos to strengthen your inner core muscles to get flatter abs the right way.
Safe exercises to do to close your diastasis (ab gap) if you have one. 
Easy to follow printable PDFs so you can take the workout to do anywhere. 
Access to private Facebook group.

We look forward in training with you. 
Lori (and Michelle)
the Purely Twins
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